February 14, 2019

Adventures in Arco

By Kieran Miles
Adventures in Arco

As the waves crashed against our pedal boat floating adrift Lake Garda, Tom and I looked up at the cliff face with awe, excitement and pride. 3 Italian climbers were sending the wall whilst proudly wearing our Duco® vests.

12 months prior, Duco® had an inventory of 2 items and both Tom and I wore them, now, things had changed.

Arco is a beautiful Italian town set in the mountains of Trentino. One mile from Lake Garda and a short ride to Verona, Arco was the first place Tom and I came to climb internationally and ever since has a special place in the Duco® journey. 

A weekend of World Cup action matched with friendship, food and great adventure. Arco is a marker on our road to creating the boldest adventure brand in the world and we’ve enjoyed every moment of creating memories there.

The first time we came, we arrived bright eyed and without a clue. The second time, however, we came prepared for action, ready to support the teams, cheer on the athletes and eat copious amounts of avocado ice cream. 

Arco has and will continue to be an inspiration for some of our current and future endeavours, product lines and projects. It is a place that reminds us that progress is built on passion, growth comes from challenging oneself to do different, to do more, and really that in life, the purest moments of development, of friendship, of love, are when you take a risk and stand on the edge of something you know, with only the hope of something new to come.